Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ingredient Elimination: Kitchen Sink Sangria

...Because "Kitchen Sink Sangria" sounds nicer than "Garbage Disposal Sangria".
Sangria has to be one of my favorite adult beverages. It masquerades as something fun, fruity without being declasse,and vaguely exotic. In reality, it's the ultimate drink for a skinflint. Why?
1. You're practically required to use cheap wine;
2. ...that you water down with soda or seltzer;
3. It tastes better with overripe fruit (e.g. fruit that otherwise would be destined for the garbage)

So, that said, what's in ingredient elimination this round? Blackberries that were looking a bit wilted. About 4 oz of them. Runners-up in the ingredient elimination category include an orange that was zested and not used, and 1/2 lemon that was in my fridge.

Kitchen Sink Sangria (serves 4)
  • 1 bottle cheap red (if you're not sure what kind, ask the kind folks at your local liquor store)
  • 4 oz blackberries, slightly mashed
  • 1 orange, cut into slices and halved
  • 1/2 lemon, cut into slices and halved
  • 1 nectarine, cut into small chunks
  • 1-2 shots creme de cassis
  • lemon-lime seltzer or lemon-lime soda
  • grenadine (optional)
1. In a pitcher, mix fruit, wine and creme de cassis. Let sit in the fridge for at least 6 hours.
2. In glasses with ice, pour 2 parts wine mixture to 1 part soda or seltzer. Taste, adjust the ratio as needed. If you prefer a sweeter sangria, add a bit of grenadine, or be sure to use soda, rather than seltzer. 

 A local winery produces "Plonk" specifically to make sangria for 8 bucks a bottle. Here's a closer look: 

Note: I prefer a drier sangria, so this one is not particularly sweet. Feel free to add grenadine or sugar if you like it a bit sweeter.

Verdict? Is this the most delightful sangria you've ever leisurely sipped on while dining al fresco? Nope. But it's a tasty way to use stray pieces of fruit in your fridge.

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