Monday, August 1, 2011

Blueberry Butter: Updated 08/12/2011

This post is a bit hard to write. First, I have not actually tried this recipe (reason to follow). Second, I am getting blood work tomorrow, and I am writing about food, and cooking and preparing food, yet I've gotta fast. Boo.

Anyway, it turns out that blueberry sauce lasts forever in the fridge. I finally froze the remainder, so you are relieved of anymore blueberry sauce for a while. Breathe a blueberryless sigh of relief. I was intrigued by this post for fresh berry butter, which, frankly looks and sounds better than the butter I made. However, since I was trying to be resourceful with what I had, I constructed this recipe instead:

Blueberry Butter (makes one generous 1/2 cup)
1. Combine butter and and blueberry sauce in a mixer until well combined. 

                                         It doesn't look like much, but evidently it tastes good

Verdict? I don't know, because (see above) I can't eat it. My husband gave it a seal of approval. He exclaimed "It's really good. I need a corn muffin right now". I'm eager to try it on a muffin, pancakes or an English muffin. Realistically, I'll probably just slather it on a frozen waffle on my way to work.(Update: 08/12/11 I got to try it a while back, and I'd like to report that it is exceptionally yummy on corn muffins, as well as English muffins, and it looks a lot prettier melted on breakfast pastry)


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